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Hello Lovely,


“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho


I can only imagine you've found your way here through curiosity and the longing of the company of an exuberant, kind-hearted, dream girl... Whatever the reason is, I'm glad you're here!


 ​I'm a born and raised Texas gal with goals and dreams way too big for my small, petite frame. I stand at 5'4" with soft Carmel skin and have the darkest brown eyes that capture everything that I am. I hold myself with the upmost confidence and pride myself on being able to adapt to any environment and every conversation, despite differences. I'm a forever student with a lust for learning about everything life has to offer us, the good and the bad. Through all the trials and tribulations I've gone through, I've learned that PERSPECTIVE & MINDFULNESS IS EVERYTHING. Because of that I'll always lend you an intuitive ear and don't be surprised when I leave you in awe with my luminance.


The Gentlemen I attract is lighthearted and playful. He believes life is captured best in many small moments and he wants to spend those moments making unforgettable memories he can replay over and over. Memories of ultimate pleasure in every way, laughter, and all the self indulgence he can get. Dinner and great conversation, live music in the city, a weekend adventure, or maybe a yummy night in away from the chaos, its for your choosing. I will always provide a discreet, safe, and judgment free place for you.


Thank you for being here xo


at a glance



AGE: Twenties

HEIGHT: 5'4"

HAIR: below shoulders, Black

EYES: the darkest of browns tied into my soft almond shape 


physique; I sit at 5'4", 130lb with a petite frame. I have soft caramel skin that's lightens in the winter months and gets golden during the summer time.

I get never ending compliments on my smile and the adorable dimples that go with it!

I have visible, tasteful tattoos for my love of all things art 

CHARACTER; Introverted-Extrovert, peaceful, polite, People are drawn to my loud laugh & inviting personality, genuine, highly intelligent, old soul

Education; B.A from a university I had way too much fun at 

DISLIKES; negativity, arrogance, assumptions

LIKES; Everything horror! movies, documentaries, etc

impeccable hygiene, open mindedness, common courtesy, manners, silver foxes 

Favorites; Concerts, music festivals, the beach, champagne, stimulating conversation



3W5A6553 copy.jpg

 Brief Encounters


1 Hour       450

1.5 Hours   600 (preferred minimum)

2 Hours     800


Recherché Encounters

3 Hours        1100

4 Hours        1400

6-8 hours     2000

                      Mini Getaways 


Overnight  3000

1 Day               4000  

                                                              Extras                                                                      +1 day 3000




I'm available 7 days a week 

My hours are 9a-9p

I work on an "appointment only" basis.

Please book at least 24hrs  ahead of time as my availability is limited


Not based in Austin? Fly me to you and we can make the most out of any city!




Are you nervous? Don't be! I'm so happy you're interested in seeing me, creating new connections with others is something I truly value.



Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice incurs a 50% fee. No shows will require a 100% fee and 100% deposit if a future date is requested.

If you are unable to adhere to this policy I will no longer be able to honor future date requests and will have to blacklist you.

*Please note that screening IS REQUIRED - My safety/discretion is my #1 priority. if you do not wish to provide me with any info, we will not be able to see one another.

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